Thursday, April 21, 2011


1) I absolutely love country music, I grew up with it and it is just so relaxing to listen to. So I have a couple of "favorite" country songs, they aren't necessary a soundtrack of my life. The first one would be Telluride by Tim McGraw -- I just love all of Tim's songs and it reminds me of the time my whole family went to one of his concerts. Another country artist I love would have to be Keith Urban, and in particular I would have to choose, somebody like you, its just an upbeat fun country song! My last country song would have to be, She's Country by Jason Aldean. I don't know why I love this song, but when I'm in a bad mood I like to listen to this song and it cheers me up!

2) I like thinking about the old days sometimes, and when I think about the old days I think of music like Michael Buble. I absolutely love his style of music, the jazz is very relaxing and upbeat, and it just overall puts me in a good mood! My favorite song from him would most likely be Sway, it makes me want to get up and dance! His music is just so classic, and it reminds me of the concert I went to for my 18th birthday. Love Michael Buble!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Field Trip

Going to the library and checking out books is not a usual thing for me, so this was definitely a new experience. I didn't find it all that challenging, I just found it kind of odd. I've been to the library to study, obviously, but I have never looked for a book before. It came easy to me, which was surprising! But, there was nobody else looking for a book, and I was really shocked. I thought this is what people in college did, hah just kidding, nowadays we just use the internet. So I went to the College library main floor collection to find my book, and I found it!

The book I was looking for is called Out of Play, and it is a series of critical articles about gender and sports, and since my paper is over this I thought it was the perfect option. Around my book I found many other books pertaining to my topic. I found this exercise really useful because now I know how to use a library and find books! I feel like this will help me out in the years to come!

My book: Out of Play

Call Number: GV706.5 M46 2007

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The advertisement I chose was one that promotes gatorade. In this advertisement it shows four different professional athletes, all in different sports. It shows Manning, Wade, Jeter and Sharapova all in very crucial moments in their sport. The advertisement basically says if you want to perform at the same level as these four athletes you should drink gatorade. If you drink gatorade you have the possibility of performing just like these amazing athletes.

This advertisement appeals to the need for affiliation. All people want to be able to perform the same as someone who has really succeeded in what they do, and this advertisement really promotes gatorade by saying you will be able to do the things Peyton Manning does. If I was an athlete and I was choosing a drink preference I would probably want to drink the same drink as one of these athletes, so this product does really appeal to me. Gatorade does a good job, because I know many people love gatorade.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Research Question...

Why is there a war in Israel?
What is the war in Israel about?

I'm not positive if this is gonna be my research question or not, but I have always been interested in the different wars. This one is very interesting to me because it has been going on for such a long time, and there is a lot of history behind this war in particular. It is also interesting to me because it is still going on, and it has been for sometime. But once again, I may not use this as my question, but for now its the only one that I think I can get 10 pages out of.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Gladwell asks whether it is acceptable for a person to plagiarize or not. He goes about answering this by explaining many different instances of plagiarizing throughout the short entry. Gladwell uses examples from literature to song lyrics to musical notes in explaining his stance on plagiarism. But it happens that there are many different ways to interpret plagiarism, and each and every instance is different. Gladwell's main example is the one about the play "Frozen" and in this case the work is plagiarized, because in literature, anything and anything you use from someone else is considered stolen. But in his other examples, he explains it is much more difficult to distinguish if it is stolen or not. Gladwell believes that plagiarism is not acceptable, but he also shows that it is very confusing to tell if someone has stolen a piece of work or a song from another person.

I really enjoyed this piece of work. It really opened up my eyes to the many different types of plagiarism, and not I know what not to do in the future. But a lot of the rules are still very confusing to me. It's a good thing that all I have to worry about is the literature part of the whole plagiarism topic! I would probably get confused if I was to do anything else...But overall I really enjoyed the piece, and I liked how Gladwell stated all of his opinions.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Rands piece is about the very controversial topic of racism. But unlike the usual topics of racism, like the KKK, and other white supremacists movements, her piece describes racism in a very different way. In the beginning of the article she starts out by referencing history, and the lineage people have. She starts talking about men's lineage to racism, and she says that men have a genetic lineage to racism. It claims a man's mind is what she says, and that it is determined even before you are born. She goes on from saying this into saying that there is one psychological root to racism, and that is the racists sense of his own inferiority. Throughout the rest of the piece she begins talking about the nazi's and their racism towards other people who they found "different" and then she begins talking about the civil rights movement. In this piece she has a very odd way of describing racism.

I didn't like this piece so much, mainly because I personally didn't like how it was structured. I couldn't really understand what her main point of the piece was. I like reading about racism because I believe it is a very interesting and argumentative topic. But throughout this whole piece I could never really pick up on what she was wanting to say. I got very confused, and I still have no idea what her main reason was for writing this article. Was it to inform people on racism? Was it to inform people where racism comes from inside of us? I honestly have no idea. But the only reason I didn't like this article was because I didn't understand the purpose, maybe if I did I would like it a lot better.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sedaris - Solution to Saturday's Puzzle

Sedaris shows humor in an interesting way. His humor mainly comes out when he pulls out his Time Magazine and starts his crossword puzzle. He uses the crossword puzzle to practically release the anger he has bottled up from the woman sitting next to him, Becky. She gets angry at him because he won't give up his seat on the plane, and his humor appears when he is doing his puzzle. For example my favorite is, seventeen across: a fifteen-letter word for enlightenment....I am not an asshole. This is funny because instead of releasing his anger directly on Becky he releases it in a more discreet way, by using his puzzle, making it being said behind her back. I like his humor, and I wish I was this clever...

A horse walks into a bar, he sits down and the bartender asks him, "Why the long face?" The second horse walks in with jumper cables attached to it's head, he sits down, and the bartender says, "I don't mind the long face, but don't u go and try to start anything!"