Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Rands piece is about the very controversial topic of racism. But unlike the usual topics of racism, like the KKK, and other white supremacists movements, her piece describes racism in a very different way. In the beginning of the article she starts out by referencing history, and the lineage people have. She starts talking about men's lineage to racism, and she says that men have a genetic lineage to racism. It claims a man's mind is what she says, and that it is determined even before you are born. She goes on from saying this into saying that there is one psychological root to racism, and that is the racists sense of his own inferiority. Throughout the rest of the piece she begins talking about the nazi's and their racism towards other people who they found "different" and then she begins talking about the civil rights movement. In this piece she has a very odd way of describing racism.

I didn't like this piece so much, mainly because I personally didn't like how it was structured. I couldn't really understand what her main point of the piece was. I like reading about racism because I believe it is a very interesting and argumentative topic. But throughout this whole piece I could never really pick up on what she was wanting to say. I got very confused, and I still have no idea what her main reason was for writing this article. Was it to inform people on racism? Was it to inform people where racism comes from inside of us? I honestly have no idea. But the only reason I didn't like this article was because I didn't understand the purpose, maybe if I did I would like it a lot better.

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