Sunday, March 20, 2011


Gladwell asks whether it is acceptable for a person to plagiarize or not. He goes about answering this by explaining many different instances of plagiarizing throughout the short entry. Gladwell uses examples from literature to song lyrics to musical notes in explaining his stance on plagiarism. But it happens that there are many different ways to interpret plagiarism, and each and every instance is different. Gladwell's main example is the one about the play "Frozen" and in this case the work is plagiarized, because in literature, anything and anything you use from someone else is considered stolen. But in his other examples, he explains it is much more difficult to distinguish if it is stolen or not. Gladwell believes that plagiarism is not acceptable, but he also shows that it is very confusing to tell if someone has stolen a piece of work or a song from another person.

I really enjoyed this piece of work. It really opened up my eyes to the many different types of plagiarism, and not I know what not to do in the future. But a lot of the rules are still very confusing to me. It's a good thing that all I have to worry about is the literature part of the whole plagiarism topic! I would probably get confused if I was to do anything else...But overall I really enjoyed the piece, and I liked how Gladwell stated all of his opinions.

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