Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The advertisement I chose was one that promotes gatorade. In this advertisement it shows four different professional athletes, all in different sports. It shows Manning, Wade, Jeter and Sharapova all in very crucial moments in their sport. The advertisement basically says if you want to perform at the same level as these four athletes you should drink gatorade. If you drink gatorade you have the possibility of performing just like these amazing athletes.

This advertisement appeals to the need for affiliation. All people want to be able to perform the same as someone who has really succeeded in what they do, and this advertisement really promotes gatorade by saying you will be able to do the things Peyton Manning does. If I was an athlete and I was choosing a drink preference I would probably want to drink the same drink as one of these athletes, so this product does really appeal to me. Gatorade does a good job, because I know many people love gatorade.

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