Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Field Trip

Going to the library and checking out books is not a usual thing for me, so this was definitely a new experience. I didn't find it all that challenging, I just found it kind of odd. I've been to the library to study, obviously, but I have never looked for a book before. It came easy to me, which was surprising! But, there was nobody else looking for a book, and I was really shocked. I thought this is what people in college did, hah just kidding, nowadays we just use the internet. So I went to the College library main floor collection to find my book, and I found it!

The book I was looking for is called Out of Play, and it is a series of critical articles about gender and sports, and since my paper is over this I thought it was the perfect option. Around my book I found many other books pertaining to my topic. I found this exercise really useful because now I know how to use a library and find books! I feel like this will help me out in the years to come!

My book: Out of Play

Call Number: GV706.5 M46 2007

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